Sikim Empuriabrava

Sikim Restaurant Lounge Club & Disco

Three well-prepared spaces to provide you with quality moments with your loved ones. A 3.0 concept with a clear and unchanged spirit, yet always modernized.

The SIKIM concept, with almost 20 years of existence, represents a very clear attitude and a spirit that has never been lost, despite the series of changes it has undergone over these nearly two decades. Renovation has been and continues to be constant, both in the parties and in the restaurant, where each season, or more specifically, each four-month period, new dishes are offered.

The 3.0 or 3 in 1 concept is one of SIKIM‘s strong points, as in the same space in Empuriabrava, we have a restaurant, pub, and disco. And each atmosphere features what’s currently trending. Three spaces that feed off each other and guarantee the possibility of having a fantastic time, which can last longer or shorter, depending on each person’s intentions, but it will always fill you with good sensations.

In the restaurant, a blend of Mediterranean cuisine with oriental touches. Yes, not only can you enjoy various tapas, such as Galician-style octopus or chicken fingers, but also quality sushi and its derivatives. Small group dinners, family gatherings, or even groups of more than 10 people in private spacesto make your celebration even more personal and satisfying. In the pub, all kinds of drinks and cocktails, from the simplest classics to the most elaborate ones that are currently thriving, as if it were a musical hit. Finally, the disco space, a well-kept, comfortable, and welcoming area to extend your night until your body can handle it, listening and dancing to the successes of the current music scene.

SIKIM has a very extensive team of professionals and is open from Thursday to Sunday and holidays throughout the year, except for the months of January and February when it closes for vacations. As for the summer, from San Juan, SIKIM opens every day to keep offering you what its motto “7 days 7 parties” promises: a different party every day, with different concepts and artists.

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